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Playing Age

Figuring Out Your Proper "Soccer Age"
Figuring out your proper age group for soccer purposes can be confusing even for those who have been involved in youth soccer for a number of years. The graphic below will help you figure out your proper "soccer age".

PLEASE NOTE:  SCSC has an ultimate goal of having age-specific teams represent our club and strives to have all players play in their age-appropriate categories whenever possible. Obviously, there are exceptions to this: like when there are not enough players in one age group, then we may need to combine ages to form a team; or when the range of ability levels in one age-group are too vast then we may need to be realistic and create more ability-appropriate teams; and finally when you get those talented players who simply must ’play up’ for the sake of their personal development.  The SCSC Directors of Coaching and Board have final say on all player placement.

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